Fit My Bowl

Are you in the mood for some healthy and delicious food? Stop by Fit My Bowl for your next meal! With a wide variety of ingredients and toppings, you can make your perfect salad bowl or poke salad. With 70 ingredients and 17 homemade dressings, you'll never be bored with these delicious bowls.

健康饮食其实比你想象中的容易!让Fit My Bowl 带你享受健康饮食中的奇妙吧! 各类的新鲜食材搭配蔬菜,水果,海鲜,肉类等等,包括了优质蛋白,淀粉及蔬菜纤维, 多达17种不同的酱料可以搭配,一份Poke Bowl 就能尝到饱足感!