Paws Pet Concept Store

The second branch of PAWS Pet Concept Store is now in Eco Botanic City. PAWS Pet Concept Store is the best place to get your pet groomed and take care of all the necessities for your pet's health. PAWS' experienced groomers will pamper your pet with the best cut, bath, and style. So give your pet a home away from home at PAWS!

传说中宠物美容界的天花板, PAWS 现已入驻Eco Botanic ! 来到这里, 踏入门的那一刻就能感觉到店主的用心, 店内设有小门可以让顽皮毛小孩洗漱美容后安心在店内溜达玩耍!温柔的宠物美容师,给狗狗们最耐心细心的服务。主人在等待的当儿,也可以在店里逛逛, 各式宠物用品包括玩具食物可以选择!除了美容和宠物用品, PAWS也提供宠物酒店的服务!心动不如行动,带着毛小孩过来逛逛,享受吧!