Corgi’s Talk Café

Eco Botanic City's new pet-themed cafe, Corgi's Talk, is coming with a cute extra! This cafe is the perfect place to hang out with friends and with the added joy of your cute, furry friend. The menu includes Western foods, snacks, and drinks for everyone. So, call your friends together visit Corgi’s Talk and meet new friends.

让小柯基来治愈你吧!Eco Botanic全新宠物主题咖啡厅, Corgi's Talk 带着小可爱来啦! 可爱的柯基再配上美食饮料, 有谁能抗拒呢?菜单售卖上一系列西餐、小吃和饮料,叫上小伙伴们来一起享受吧!