Chuan Yue Mala Restaurant

长白山铁锅炖Reunion Iron Pot, the well-known mala hotpot restaurant, has finally opened in Eco Botanic. Chuan Yue introduced the combination of mala hotpot and iron pot stew, which originated from Paektun Mountain, to Malaysian hotpot lovers. You can pick ingredients like meat, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, and other side dishes based on your favourites and then stew them together in the big iron pot. Why not try this with your friends and family? Chuan Yue also has private dining rooms on the second and third floors, giving you a better dining experience while having a gathering.

正宗长白山铁锅炖和汆悦麻辣烫的结合你尝试过了吗? 汆悦于Eco Botanic打造了首家铁锅炖和麻辣烫为结合的中式餐厅。具有中国东北特色的铁锅炖,将新鲜食材,例如鱼, 鸡, 蔬菜,菇类等搭配适宜的材料,让你知道什么是越炖越香!现在就预约用餐吧!