Rascal Diner

Introducing Rascal Diner, the first American diner concept restaurant in town. Rascal offers an interesting combo menu – Solitary, Pair, and Celebration – that caters to your immediate dining needs. The interior design inspired by 1950s America makes the perfect setting to enhance your enjoyment of your ambrosial pasta and fried chicken wings together with drinks.

Rascal Diner是全柔第一家以美式餐厅为主题的西餐厅。Rascal 老板以50年代的美式餐厅为装修风格打造,旧时代的座椅,红白色调的装修, 让你从视觉和味觉上充分享受50年代氛围。除了作为标志的汉堡薯条Rascal包括了鸡扒, 牛扒, 意大利面等等的西餐, 外加上多种Combo set可选择。