Kidstart Education

Good news for every parent! Kidstart Education has opened a new branch in Eco Botanic City. This educational centre is certified by the International Brain Development Certification Institute (IBDCI). They use self-compiled materials to make the course content more interesting, and employ different approaches to help kids find their own learning methods. KidStart Education 现已入驻Eco Botanic!

Kidstart Education 是一家全脑开发与记忆学院,属于是国际脑力开发认证学院 (IBDCI) 旗下的学院。KidStart致力于有效的深入了解和发掘孩子的潜在智能, 提供更合适的持续性学习方式!想要了解孩子的潜能和孩子一起改进学习方式的父母, 欢迎来到KidStart了解更多详情。