Avenue Bistro & Bar

Looking for a place for a drink with your mates? Avenue Bistro & Bar offers both alcoholic drinks and a variety of food choices such as the Signature Pork Platter, the American Style Cheeseburger, the Mixed Seafood Pizza, the Cajun Chicken Chop, and more! It's the perfect place for an enjoyable dinner with friends or a satisfying meal after work.

走进 Avenue Bistro & Bar,准备好体验新事物。 Avenue 是一家独特的欧式餐厅,提供各类酒精饮料和食物,如招牌猪肉拼盘、美式芝士汉堡、混合海鲜比萨、Cajun 鸡排等!这是与朋友共进愉快晚餐或下班后享用美餐的理想场所。