Kango Learning Centre

Kango Learning Centre . Eco Botanic is the first learning centre in town to emphasise soft skills. If you are looking for something different for your kids, please consider Kango. They offer a quality academic programme and a variety of other programmes to help children develop their soft skills. Come and visit Kango Learning Centre to find out more!

Kango Learning Centre . Eco Botanic 将在Eoc Botanic City正式招生!Kango 有别于以往的托育教育机构, 实行全新概念的教学模式,主要提倡和培养孩子的软技能,让孩子在学习中找到欢乐。想知道软技能包括了什么吗?带上你的孩子来到Kango与专业老师了解更多吧!