Tales Creator

The DU BAR – Tales Creator in Eco Botanic, inspired by the Romantic Comedy "See You Tomorrow”, cleverly employs a dark, sober ambience to set up a moody atmosphere that matches its theme. Let's share the perfect drink with friends and family. With the best selection of drinks, it's always happy hour at the bar.

Eco Botanic City 中隐藏的新酒吧,【渡BAR】-Tales Creator为你带来最特别的酒吧氛围。渡吧受到浪漫喜剧电影【摆渡人】 的启发, 巧妙的利用暗黑的装修营造安静优雅的气氛, 适合一个人安静的喝点小酒也适合与朋友一起聊聊天放松,一杯特调加上一份美食,开启一个夜晚刚刚好。