HXG Sport

Take your fitness journey to the next level with HXG Sport, the latest gym and fitness centre in Eco Botanic City! HXG's experienced female coaches will help you reach your goals with personal and group training in gym, Muay Thai, and boxing. Join the HXG Sport family today to feel great!

HXG Sport , Eco Botanic City 全新的运动馆拥有经验丰富的教练,其中也包括专业的女教练。各种防身术运动课程,例如泰拳,柔术等都有专业的教练指导和适合练习的训练场地。想要尝试新运动的你, 想要锻炼身体的你, 想要提高身体灵活度的你,赶快和小伙伴们一起来锻炼。