Marui By The Tins

Muslim-friendly Marui By The Tins introduces a whole new fusion of Japanese and Nyonya cuisines in Eco Botanic City! Curry Laksa Paitan, Gyoza Masak Lemak, Asam Laksa Katsuo, and more unique cuisine you must try at Marui. Experience a unique blend of Japanese and Nyonya food at Marui with your friends and family now!

日本料理和娘惹本地料理的全新结合, 只能Marui By The Tins尝试到!并且也适合邀请巫裔朋友一起来尝试。咖喱 Laksa Paitan、Gyoza Masak Lemak、Asam Laksa Katsuo, 各种特别和新颖的美食就在Marui, 现在就来尝尝吧!