You'll be pleasantly surprised by the unique flavours at Miseya, a brand new Japanese Restaurant in Eco Botanic City.. From udon and fried rice to sushi and hand rolls, everything on the Miseya menu is made with the freshest ingredients. Whatever you choose, you're guaranteed to leave satisfied.

Miseya, 全新的日式家常料理就在Eco Botanic City, 日式料理爱好者千万不能错过。午餐时间来上一碗热腾腾的乌冬面和日式炒饭让你大饱口福。Miseya 运用最新鲜的食材和简单的烹饪手法煮出一道道经典日式料理, 例如寿司, 面食, 盖饭等。现在就约上时间和朋友一起来品尝正宗的日式料理吧。