Grand Chinese Cuisine

Grand Chinese Cuisine is no stranger to those who fancy Cantonese delicacies. Grand Chinese Cuisine serves a wide range of menu items, including noodles, rice, porridge, seafood, vegetables, chicken, and more. Our signature Eight Treasure Rice is a must-try for your next family gathering! So plan a meal with friends and family at Grand Chinese Cuisine.

想要寻找一个和家人朋友聚餐的好地方吗?聚龍閣, 全新的粤菜餐厅就在Eco Botanic City。聚龍閣霸气的装潢搭配上再配上一道道的美味菜品,蛋丝牛油虾、虫草花炖鸡汤、海鲜泡饭、药膳羊肉煲等等霸占你的味蕾, 新鲜的食材和大厨用心的烹饪让吃过的人都念念不忘。赶快找个机会来聚龍閣饱餐一顿吧!