Tlado Cafe

Café hoppers, its time to try out Tlado Café in Eco Botanic City. Tlado’s menu focuses on Western-style brunch, pasta, and rice, and of course, our signature desserts that are not to be missed. We recommend our signature Nutella Pancake, which comes with three pancakes per serving. You also must try our classic American Big Breakfast, Aglio Olio Pasta with Prawns, and Fried Calamari. But don’t stop there because there’s so much more to discover in our menu.

Tlado Cafe 的餐点你尝过了吗?翻开菜单, 你就会发现餐点种类繁多, 其中主打西式餐点, 早午餐,面点,饭类,甜点等等。最经典的美食早餐, 搭配上一杯咖啡和Nutella煎饼,叫上小姐妹们一起来发掘更多Tlado的美食。